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Highlighted Projects

"Mercedes Benz eSprinter 2023 Campaign"
Mercedes Benz Corporate
Locations Producer
Screenshot 2023-12-04 110357.png

Served as the locations producer for Mercedes Benz’s 2023 eSprinter Van video and photo content campaigns. In this role, I worked closely with Mercedes Benz corporate out of Germany and the city of Atlanta, to facilitate what city officials noted was "one of the most complex driving shoots of the year".

Client: Midwest Food Bank
Role: Creative Director/Producer
Telly Winner
"My First Car" 
Client: Legacy Automotive
Role: Creative Director/Producer
"Rhythm League"
Solis Films
Role: Creator, Producer, Showrunner

Recognized as one of the top 2% of global players, I spearheaded the creation of the esports competition show, Rhythm League. My initiative established a vibrant community with over 500 multilingual volunteers and participants. I served as the showrunner, overseeing branding, community development, website creation, peripheral assets including minidocumentaries, and the show itself.

"Rising from the Ashes - Sierra Club"
Solis Films
Role: Creative Producer

Served as the creative and line producer on a commissioned mini-doc series for Sierra Club, focusing on the prevalent issues of Coal Ash disposal in Georgia and nationwide. The series was distributed to hundreds of key political and advocacy figures at events nationwide, including members of Congress, and played a crucial role in influencing policy changes and the successful passing of EPA's 2023 Coal Combustion Residual Rule.

"Two Roads" 
Sony/Playstation Pilot on Vue Network
Role: Producer

I navigated the completion of this original series pilot, coordinating between numerous parties including the managing production company, corporate client, director, show runners, and writer's room. In addition to handling logistics like budgets, locations, crewing and on set management, I also was heavily involved with the creative, leading rewrite conversations in the writer's room and helping "cast" the location of Peachtree City, GA which became a character in of itself as the quirky backdrop of the show.

"Luke and Jo" 
Feature Film under distribution
Role: Producer/UPM
5cc35de588dd97528d653c5c_LJ Poster Web-p

This successful indie feature is currently under distribution and finishing the festival circuit. Being brought on board just days before production started, I was able to manage logistics, budgets, coordinate crew, and secure a variety of the gorgeous Asheville, NC locations on the fly - all while keeping within budget. 

It has since won a variety of festival awards, been positively reviewed by the New York Times, and more. 


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